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Mar 16, 2023 | 20:56


Galliard Homes销售总监大卫·加尔曼(David Galman)

David Galman于1992 年加入 Galliard Homes,从事房地产销售工作已超过30年,现担任销售总监,是董事会以及见证公司成长的元老级成员之一。他参与集团制定项目经营方针、明确营销策略、以及落实团队管理,并对英国房地产项目的定位、机会创新、推广有着敏锐的感觉和独到的见解。





以下文章转自 The Wharf | 作者:大卫加尔曼(David Galman)

January is over and February is almost done, probably the two most depressing months of the year (sorry if you celebrate a birthday or anniversary at this time).

1The dark mornings and evenings certainly bring out the sad in everyone.

One bright spark of lightness for me is to see Canary Wharf evolving into a grown-up destination to "work, rest and play" without the Mars Bar.

Having dipped my toe into the area in the mid-80s, it is truly inspiring to see such positive change. The Wharf has died and gone to heaven so many times but has the best survival instincts.


Over 120,000 people work in Canary Wharf, boasting more tech workers than finance tenants. The area is home to the tallest residential tower in Europe and randomly has the largest outdoor art collection.


This article won’t be a sales promotion for the area, but a nod to the great social venues which have sprung up to support office workers, shop workers and residents.

You can eat in any kind of restaurant you may fancy, not just the chains but many varied high-quality independents, and what is more, it is not just Tuesday to Thursday that they are busy, you try and book Roka or similar for a Saturday evening.

4There is Electric Shuffle, where I was introduced to the game of skill only last week in a heaving busy bar, with enjoyable bar snacks to boot.

Next one to try is Fairgame Canary Wharf, have a drink, socialise, and eat whilst you try your hand at re-invented fairground games.

Ice skating in the winter, a visit to the city farm and Mudchute park or even a simple stroll under the river to historic Greenwich.
So much on our doorstep!


The area in my biased view is second to none, providing a high-quality clean environment suitable for all. The transport facilities allow easy access to the West End, the old city of London, Essex, Kent and north west London suburbs.


The populations is culturally diverse with residents having lived there all their lives to American and European bankers drawn in by new towers with amazing facilities popping up all over the area.

No longer is the Canary Wharf a place where they come in on the jubilee line at 6am and run away at 5pm.

I live in Essex but have resided in the Wharf before it was the Wharf, and for me it provides a local West End, without the hassle.

Clean vast shopping malls, varied entertainment, and a wonderful place to work.


Do not believe the predictions of the death of the Wharf due to Brexit or Covid, or even heaven forbid WFH (work from home), this location is here to stay and should provide a blueprint for the Freeports and Tax-Free investment zones being promoted by the Government.